Airtel VS 9Mobile (who wins the data war?)

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In this article, we’d discuss two top telecommunication brands with respect to Nigeria majorly. In past years we’ve seen how much stress it gave us having to get a brilliant data bundles to pull through internet related works without a blink.

It really hasn’t been a smooth ride but one thing is a surety, 9Mobile, and Airtel have played huge roles in making sure we do not starve of long-lasting data and at affordable rates too.

Airtel is one of Nigeria’s most trusted telecommunications giant, coining out brilliant data bundle plans constantly sweeping Nigerians off their feet.

Nigerians are great people as such love to see the value of their money where ever and whatever it’s put into, so if we subscribe to a particular tariff and the smell of fufu on our hands lasts longer than it, trust me we are porting. Let’s quickly dive without much ado into the data plans we are considering from this telecommunication giants.

Airtel Double Data Versus 9Mobile 1GB/1.5GB for N200

Airtel Double Data

Airtel Double Data! Some people ain’t eligible to get a fair share from this one, because it isn’t eligible to all Airtel SIM and there’s no way it can be tweaked to work in the favor of those who are not. You can use the*144# dial code to verify if your SIM is eligible.

In the minds of so many now, they are beginning to wonder what a data plan with so many stuck-up rules has to offer. Now, let me give you the news in full like it’s done on TV.

With Airtel Double Data bonus you’d get back 100% your recharge, meaning if you subscribed for 5GB on Airtel or 2GB you’d be getting 10GB and 4GB respectively for that month. So, when you recharge #1000 you’d get 3GB wired to you.

Let’s check what 9Mobile has for us in comparison to this. Hmm… They do have something 1GB or 1.5GB for 200 on 9Mobile? Woah!

9mobile 1GB / 1.5GB for N200

Every 9mobile user is thrilled by the 1GB data for N200. It’s cheap to have 1GB of data for that amount without tweaking boo 9mobile. Since the reinvigorated brand (9mobile) showed up users of this network have been on a groove level.

The 9Mobile 1GB for N200 offer valid for 3days. To subscribe to this plan, dial *929*10# to get this done. P.S: at the end of this plan, you can get 5GB of data for N1000 when you are re-subscribing.

There’s no peculiarity of SIM cards that can have the N200 for 1GB/1.5GB done on 9Mobile so we can say 9Mobile beat Airtel to this, affirmatively!

Airtel 3GB for N1000 Versus 9Mobile Heavyweight Awoof

Airtel 3GB for N1000

Airtel users really have strong reasons to be Airtel users, it is the smartphone network indeed! This plan is simply activated with just the dial of *431#. After subscribing, balance is checked with *140#. This plan has no restrictions it works on virtually all smartphones.

9Mobile Heavyweight Awoof

Heavyweight Awoof includes 250% of your airtime recharge+ free 1.5GB data+ Free weekly chat pack and you can also get 1GB for N500 on your next subscription. Before this plan is activated, walk into any nearest walk-in centers, get a new 9Mobile SIM, register it and recharge any amount on it to enjoy all of this benefits 9Mobile has all for you.

Airtel beat 9Mobile to this one, ’cause you do not need a new SIM to get the 3GB for N1000 activated but 9Mobile Heavyweight Awoof needs you to get a fresh SIM.

Airtel YouTube Streaming Versus 9Mobile YouTube Streaming

Airtel YouTube Streaming

With N1000 you can acquire, you can get 4.5GB and N4000 can get you a whopping 19GB for Airtel YouTube Streaming. Just with a dial of *323# and following the command that comes with it, you’re good to go. It lasts for 30days just like the Normal Monthly Plan.

9Mobile Youtube Streaming

With N1000 you can get the 1GB plan for 30days and N3000 for 4GB for the same length of days for 9Mobile YouTube Streaming. It works for all SIM card and all devices. You can only get this activated after subscription to any monthly data plans. Dial *200#, select 3 for data option to buy any data plan you desire.

Aha! Airtel tops on this one too. First, Airtel YouTube Streaming has got larger data compared to 9Mobile’s. Second, Airtel’s can be acquired without having normal data subscription running- the subscription can be done without Monthly subscription, compared to 9Mobile.


Airtel N5000 attracts 12GB data while N5000 with 9Mobile gets 7.1GB for 30days. In other news, 9Mobile is costlier when it comes to data plans in Nigeria compared to the other top telecoms Airtel precisely

Facts have been established above that Airtel tops with its plans in many so ways more than 9Mobile does! But the choice is always yours, you tell us the brand that won this war in the comments.

Nwiwu Amarachi Esther. A geeky lady with so much energy and enthusiasm for life. Humble techy graphic designer.

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