Apps and websites track your phone activity (Learn more about your Private information theft)

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Google has a rule for advertisers that restrict advertisers and app developers from collecting information without the permission of the users. It was later totally banned that private information must not be collected whether the user bids it or not. It mustn’t be collected!

It was recently found out that some apps still collect your location and other private information even when you have signed out of their services.

This is because when apps collect information it is actually permanently retained. The information which is majorly retained for targeted advertisement is the reason why you might be the only one seeing certain ads and your mom or sibling gets a different one. You’ve been targeted! Or should we say tagged with a cookie.

Private information collected from your smartphone

The private information collected from your smartphone ranges from your phone activity( sites you visit, interests online), others include; MAC address, IMEI and Android ID which are things that don’t change, although the advertising ID is the most volatile and acquired information.

Apps still track you not minding your yes or no.

Ways your private information are collected

One way your private information is collected is through cookies, which have grades. Some sites have flash cookies others have supercookies.

Another way that your information is collected is via apps. There are some apps that need vital phone information you give out when you install them and grant them access to the info.

Scandals on information access misappropriation

There have been great scandals on information access misappropriation in the past year, especially with the Cambridge Analytical scandal. Microsoft, Apple, and Google are taking actions to forestall all of these actions but app developers seem to have a way to bypass their protocols, but you can expect them to keep at it and not relent until they keep your information safe.

Google actions on information theft by apps

Google has taken actions on some apps and it said the advertising ID was left volatile for fraud detection. Guess there is always two sides to a coin; because advertisers have now taken advantage and are using the ID to target phones for advertisement.

The big question is if Personal phone ID can be gotten so easily, does that mean we can be easily compromised with our smartphones?

Could our personal security be compromised?

National Authorities are now taking serious actions and are censoring brands like Google to ensure that future tech protects personal information.

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