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Remember the days of Bluetooth and infrared? Well, not like Bluetooth doesn’t have a place in the world of file transfer but it just takes too long if the files being transferred are quite large; little wonder developers resorted into designing apps to help file sharing become faster no matter the size.

We have singled this article out to give you the best apps for your file sharing and transfer. These file sharing apps are available for Andriod, iOS and PCs for free. These sharing apps make use of WiFi/ WiFi Hotspot connections helping your files transfer faster and safer too. Let’s not bore you, straight to the list.


Xender File Sharing App
Xender File Sharing App

Over 100 million persons have the Xender App downloaded and installed. Xender is rated 4.4 on Google Play currently, it would occupy just 13MB of your storage. Almost every basic Andriod user has heard about or even use this app Xender.

From one Smartphone to another Smartphone files could be transferred with ease using Xender. Media files like music, videos, pictures and so on can be sent via this app; applications also can be sent with Xender provided the apps in questions resides on the phone of the sender.

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You don’t need a USB connection to use Xender with your Windows and Mac PC, as you can receive and send anything from one PC to another PC using Xender or from Smartphone to PC and vice versa.

Xender Features

  • Cross-platform support- Andriod, iOS, Tizen, Mac and Windows
  • No mobile data required
  • 200x quicker than Bluetooth
  • No USB connection needed
  • File size transfer has no limit.

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ShareIt -Transfer & Share

Shareit File Sharing App
Shareit File Sharing App

For easy file sharing, ShareIt is another app. It has got quite a number of similarities with Xender, ’cause they’re are both 200x faster than Bluetooth. There’s no limit to the file size you are sharing, plus file size doesn’t slow down the transfer.

It’s available for both iOS and Andriod users, with over 500+ downloads on Google play store. This App wouldn’t eat up your whole storage space as its only 20MB in size. The App has an outstanding feature that separates it from the majority, it has a video player that is in-built making you watch videos directly on the app.

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You could start watching videos via this in-built video player, even HD videos, immediately you get them from your friend. It also has an in-built music player. Xender beats ShareIt in the aspect of it (Xender) being able to work on Windows and Mac PCs seamlessly.

ShareIt – Transfer & Share Features

  •  Send and receive any file at any time.
  •  No File Size Transfer Limit.
  • Inbuilt video player.
  •  Inbuilt Music Player.
  • 200× Faster than Bluetooth.
  • Cross Platform –Android and iOS.

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Zapya-File Transfer, Sharing

Zapya File Sharing App
Zapya File Sharing App

Zapya is 10MB in file size which is quite small for an app with features like chatting/sharing; this feature lets you chat with friends and acquittance or send files to more than two connected devices. It is a cross-platform application that works smoothly on Android, iOS, Linux, Windows and even Mac.

Zapya makes use of QR for connection of devices making it a lot easier. Zapya Supports 20 other languages, just maybe English isn’t the language you do- I wish I could write this in French.

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Short videos uploaded by others can be watched by you plus you could upload some super interesting short clips for others to watch.

Zapya features

  •  No File Transfer Limit.
  •  Cross-platform – Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux
  •  Discover and watch interesting short videos shared by others.
  •  Offline Chat.
  •  Group Sharing/Chatting.

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Not just sharing files is done by these applications, so many other kinds of stuff like group chatting and in-built video player for playing video makes them a must install. You can download any one of these applications for file sharing to figure out the one that works best for you, but don’t miss out on Xender or ShareIt.

You can send a copy of Xender to someone who doesn’t have one installed, there’s an option on Xender to send a copy. Many other apps exist for the purpose of sharing but these ones are the best file sharing apps, mostly downloaded and trending amongst Andriod and iOS users.

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