Big Foldable Phones: Galaxy X and Galaxy F Unfoldable Big Issues

Foldable galaxy

Foldable Galaxy


A Foldable phone was promised by Samsung. These smart foldable phones were proposed to be called Galaxy X, Galaxy F, Galaxy Flex or Galaxy Fold.

With Samsung sporting the new Galaxy S10, they could put forward a fully functioning foldable phone. It is said that Samsung’s foldable phone would have a 7.3- inch screen it opened like a book and on the outside, a 4.5-inch screen.

The Samsung foldable will run Android 9 Pie OS with Samsung’s new One User Interface at the top, and three panels can be used simultaneously, ’cause it would have a larger screen- this flagship supports multitasking.

This device has the ability to shake up a stagnant industry which is experiencing a serious downturn in sales and innovation, as it can open into a tablet to become a true two-in-one device.

On planet Earth, Samsung is the largest phone-maker, therefore it ceases the opportunity to shine in this space. Samsung would do themselves a great deal of good if they learned from current mistakes in the designs of foldable smartphones while motioning it’s set plan.

Failure would imply suffering a very public loss of stature for an already existing brand walking path as an industry innovator, they’d also suffer a financial hit.

Foldable Phones and Big Issues Faced

Listed herewith are big issues Samsung and other device makers encounter when making foldable and bendable phones.

Smart enough to carry around

Only a glimpse of the prototype of this foldable smartphones did we get in November, this proves the clarity of how thick this device would be. Samsung posted a warning that time that the casing externally was a basic husk housing the internal parts, and the actual final design would look very different.

By definition, the foldable phone would be thicker than average smartphones. Considering the two screens would be doubled when it’s in a closed mode, it definitely has to be thick. These thick foldable smartphones wouldn’t play Mr. Nice guy with the pocket.

The only possible way out of this is to make the device thin enough so that the Galaxy X and Galaxy F wouldn’t burst through our pockets. Another way is to provide a satchel just for the purpose of carrying it around.

A foldable phone would lose it’s value quickly if it is too big for people to carry around and use naturally. The foldable Royole FlexPai and the hinged, dual screen ZTE Axon M has given us a clear view of this pitfall.

Research Chief at Analyst firm CSS Insight said “In anyways, Royole has done Samsung a favour by setting the bar so low,” and “How Samsung communicates the benefits of such a product will be key to its future success.”

Design it to fold flat

Figuring out which shape a foldable phone will take when it’s closed is a quota of the portability challenge that is currently being worked on.

A close look at the FlexPai and Microsoft Surface Book 2, shows that both have a flexible central hinge or seam that bends the flat sides closed. This results into a loop that a pen can fit in. It is not guaranteed that the foldable Galaxy phone will flatten more than the Royole FlexPai.

The ZTE Axon M closes flat because it’s composed of two completely separate screens that can stack on top of each other with a hinge. However, a truly foldable phone aims to be one uninterrupted panel that bends inward or outward on itself.

Today, there may be no way to overcome the ambiguous engineering difficulty of building a foldable device that folds flat, not until materials are perfected and the manufacturing process goes through several iterations to shrink that air gap more each time.

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Premium Feel

No person desires to make do with a phone that is older, slower and less potent than a top-notch pop flagship phone that cost less. The camera and processor of foldable phones have to be just as great as a Standard Galaxy S10’s to capture gorgeous photos and control amplified multitasking on the phone’s two screens. ZTE had this as a major problem ’cause it used older components to checkmate costs.

There’s a question of how a plastic screen can feel nice. Like the FlexPai’s, Samsung’s “Infinity Flex Display” for the Galaxy X/Galaxy F’s 7.3-inch interior screen will be made of a plastic material. The plastic screens of long time past felt awful.

A bendable glass thin is currently being developed by Corning, enough to one day cover foldable devices. Until this pulled through, Samsung will have to depend on detailed build quality and lush finishes to make its foldable phones feel revamped.

VP of industry analysis at NPD Group said “Consumers want more real estate in a smaller package and have expressed that through their buying patterns,” and that “This will be the best way to deliver on that consumer demand but it is likely a multiyear process before pricing, software, apps and the product itself have the kinks worked out”.


The battery of ZTE Axon M was lodged on one side, which made the phone feel anomaly and off-balanced and hard to use. It’s the same issues tablets have when used in keyboard mode — unlike a laptop, with its electronics under the keyboard, tablets stores everything behind the screen. That makes them feel like they’re always about to tip over.

Multiple batteries and counterweights could be added by Samsung, perhaps, but it should be careful not to make the phone too heavy so that carrying it won’t be a problem. People would detest an imbalanced device but will accept a uniformly heavy device.

Firm & Subtle seam

A “seam” is a foldable phone’s flexion point that runs down the middle of the display. The bending happens there, and it’s of utmost importance that it’s strong. Royole has it that the FlexPai’s seam will last over 200,000 flexes in the phone’s lifetime — that’s the equivalent of opening or closing the phone 548 times a day for a year or 274 times a day for two years.

It is important that the seam is thick since a band down the middle of the display is going to keep that 7.3-inch screen from being one uninterrupted panel like we have on a true tablet. The fat bezels of ZTE Axon M’s got in the way while watching videos and trying to play even casual games in full-screen mode.

Awkward cameras is a No, No!

The one most awkward Axon M features to use was the camera. The single-camera took all photos on the phone. But to take a shot as you would a rear-facing camera, you had to flip it over. Selfie quality was kept high but implied a lot of shots were missed when taking a photo of anything else.

Working Killer apps

It’s really helpful that Google is committed now to support Android on foldable phones, paving the way for applications to smoothly transition across screens as you open and close the phone.

Android applications run seamlessly as the device folds, achieving this form factor’s chief feature: screen continuity.

Another beast is having an app and game developers to modify their apps to work on a foldable phone. It’s one thing to make sure that the apps transition well. It’s another to take advantage of the three active areas that Google says it will support on the larger screen.

Werner Goertz, a senior director at analyst firm Gartner said “Unless the foldable device is supported by a solid operating system and software support, foldable phone risks going into history as a gimmick,”

It is entirely up to the developer the number of active areas any given app will use, here’s where complication set out too.

All-day battery life

Foldable Galaxy X/ Galaxy F deserves significant battery life, ’cause the bigger the screen, the more power you suck down in use. But batteries don’t bend, and one large battery is more efficient than two smaller ones.

Samsung will have to put together some creative solutions to keep the device from running out of steam by the middle of the day. And early adopters may have to accept that the foldable phone needs more top-ups than a typical phone.


This flagship would sure be made affordable according to its design, but if it has a sky-high price and it doesn’t sport a great design, well-defined hardware, long-lasting battery life, and stressless user experience, Samsung’s Galaxy foldable Galaxy experiment could fold before it has an opportunity to take off.

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