Canon Vs Nikon: Which DSLR Company Rules?

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Someone once told me that the DSLR( Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera manufacturing space was a duopoly. I found out that wasn’t entirely true. There are actually several camera manufacturing companies in that market space but the two giants of the cliff are; Canon and Nikon.

Surprisingly they are both Japanese companies and I always thought they were both American brands. Canon is a Japanese camera, photocopier, printer, and optic devices manufacturer that was established in August 1937, Nikon on the other hand started by manufacturing optic devices for the military since World War 1. They were established in 1917.

Both brands are now operating commercially and are listed on both the Tokyo Stock Exchange and Canon is on the New York Stock Exchange. Nikon has a broader range of products than Canon does and you can say they are more diversified in the optical device space but Canon has wowed the world with its EOS cameras which have shaped the camera world. They have made several optic device producing companies sit up.

Canon up till today is the biggest distributor of DSLR cameras worldwide and Nikon has been said to have the best focal lenses. In fact, the first SLR Canon used a Nikon lens. They expanded the horizon by releasing the Nikon F-series and very recently they released the Nikon Sports specialization switch which is very essential for photographers that shoot moving objects.

Their zoom lenses are also the most demanded globally. Other brands like Sony, Panasonic, LG, etc,  are also manufacturers of optic devices but have their own zones leaving Nikon and Canon as the Alphas.


It’s hard to conclude which of the two brands produces the best cameras. Even photographers that have been interviewed always say: “It depends on what and where you want to shoot”. I guess that’s what you get when you have effective competition. Although Canon has been doing better than Nikon financially courtesy of strategic marketing.

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