Cash Token Revolution: Everything you Need to Know about Cash Token and How you can Win Up to 100 Million Shopping your Favorite Brands.

The greatest gift of life is friendship, and I have received it. – Hubert H. Humphrey.

What if I tell you that you could really make top brands your good friends? Yeah, some people might say that they are already loyal customers of some top brands, but are you making millions with them as a reward for your loyalty?

People that are loyal should be rewarded. And if you have been shopping with your favorite brand and you have been enjoying astute customer service from them maybe be it is time you step up in the game and actually win up to 100 million on top of their good customer service.

Yes, it is possible. And I am not here for any gimmicks. I mean every bit of what I am telling you.

First, I will advise you not to be an uncle Thomas; but even if you are, I believe your doubt will soon be cleared when you are done reading this post.

So let’s talk about friendship and how you can actually for the first time win a lot of money just by shopping from your favorite retail store.

Spending and receiving part of your spending from a retailer.

A lot of us are quite familiar with gift vouchers. You spend money with a retailer and to say thank you, some of them actually give you a voucher you can use on your next purchase from them.

If you were given a voucher that is worth 10,000 for example, it means you can pick up an item that is worth that amount without a kobo coming out from your pocket.

There is a catch though, the voucher cannot be used in a different store. If you received a Shoprite voucher, you can’t redeem it at Spar. If you get a Pointek Shopping voucher, you can’t redeem it at Purch.

Secondly, you only have to buy an item with your voucher and you better do it before the voucher expires. There is no huge potential here. If you receive a ₦5,000  shopping voucher, you are getting a ₦5,000 discount and that’s it. And in most cases, these stores don’t give out vouchers that much and it is usually not more than ₦5,000.


What if you could win up to 100 million with your voucher?

The voucher mechanism is a royalty scheme that brands use to reward their loyal customers. I told you before that people that are loyal should be rewarded. But what if they deserve more?

What if you get to walk home with a car just because you bought a Phone from Pointek or you walk home with ₦100,000 naira just because you are banking with Keystone or you walk home with ₦20,000 just because you got some food items from Spar.

It is possible. The traditional way of rewarding people with a voucher which ends up taking out more money from the loyal customers pocket seems to be benefiting the company and not the customer.

We are talking about friendship here and we don’t want the other party to feel cheated.

So what do we do? How do we build better friendship with customers and more lasting bond with loyal customers?

Introducing Cash Token

Cash Token is an electronic reward commodity designed to connect every patronage, gift or tax paid by every Nigerian to life changing opportunities.

When you buy from a retail store that has Cash Token enabled, you are going to get a cash token depending on the amount you spent which is set by the store.

It is a consumer electronic dip that rewards you for every purchase you made from a Cash Token enabled retailer. A lot of retail stores have started using Cash Token. Some of them are:

  • Spar
  • Keystone Bank
  • Microsoft
  • Heritage Bank

One cash token is worth ₦30, but that’s not the catch. The most important part of this electronic commodity is the winning potential that accompanies it.

Catch the Cash Token Draws.

Well, some people might be wondering what’s the big deal with this if the token is only worth ₦30. Others might simply be ok with it, since they get to recieve something back from their spending. The truth is, the real worth of Cash Token is in the Draws.

If you have a Cash Token, you stand a chance of winning up to ₦100 million in the Catch the Cash Token Draw on the Television. Imagine winning a car because you bought a Phone from Pointek. That is far more rewarding than any voucher that some retail stores give you, which eventually makes you spend more.

You can watch Cash Token National Draws every Saturday night at 9:00 PM on AIT. This is very excting and you could be the next winner.

Who Can Use Cash Token?

Cash Token is a digital commodity that can be used by the following categories of people:

Individuals (You can buy Cash Tokens to gift your friends and loved ones on their special occasions. You can also redeem your gifted Cash Tokens. Each Cash Token you have qualifies you to win up to 100 million naira cash.)

Businesses(You can use Cash Token to offer your customers rewards for their loyalty to your brand. You set purchase thresholds, buy and gift cash tokens to your customers.)


How you can Get Cash Token


You can get cash tokens in two ways:

  1. When you Buy Cash Token
  2. When Cash Token is Gifted to you by a friend, business or government


How to cash out your Cash Token


The truth is, Cash Token is best utilized in the raffle draw. But for every ₦30 worth of Cash Token, you can withdraw ₦4. You may be able to withdraw more in the future.



The Cash Token Reward Revolution is here. You can buy a phone from Pointek and go home with a car or buy foodstuffs from Spar and go home with lots of cash. Its customer’s reward redefined. It’s Cash Token.

If you are an individual, business or government agency, it’s very simple and easy to get started. Create an account today and transform your story forever.

Get Started with Cash Token

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