Coca-Cola vs Pepsi (The Battle of Great Beverages)

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One fun fact about today’s products is that they were both originally meant to be medicinal and pharmaceutical products.

Coca-cola and Pepsi are arch-rivals in the beverage industry. They are both more than a century old and they are multinationals that have provided employment, opportunities, development and great beverage for the whole world.

Coca-cola started sometime before Pepsi-cola and they both thrived on the carbonated drink they make.

Coca-cola is not always world number 1 beverage

Coca-cola is world number 1 in the beverage making industry while Pepsi-cola is number 2, but in certain continents and regions, Pepsi beats coca-cola, while coca-cola does the same in some other regions. But according to net sales; Coca-cola supersedes Pepsi-cola.

Let’s take a look at their history which I’m sure will be your favorite part.

Coca-cola history and timeline of success

Coca-cola was invented between 1865-1880 (late nineteenth century) and it was supposed to be a healthier substitute for morpheme. It is a combination of cola leaves (cocaine plants) and African Kolanuts. It is brewed with a special recipe that was invented by John Pemberton.

The formula for Coca-cola is a trade secret, although that has not stopped the likes of Pepsi-cola to come up with their own carbonated drinks.

Coca-Cola produces concentrate and sells it to its bottlers and distributors worldwide. It is present in all 193 UN nations and an average of 1.3 billion bottles of Coca-cola products are consumed worldwide.

Coca-cola has retained its logo since it was first made in 1885 (there have been design upgrades) overtime but one distinct factor is that the brand has retained brand originality and has dominated the beverage industry for more than a hundred years.

Pepsi-cola history and timeline of success

Pepsi, on the other hand, was invented in the 1880s but was launched as a company in 1898, it was developed with a special recipe by a pharmacist; Caleb Bradham. It originally was intended to be syrup but soon found itself being sold in restaurants as Soda.

In 1931, the president of Loft Candy Company Charles G. Guth bought Pepsi from Caleb Bradham after the company went bankrupt due to Caleb’s wrong prediction of sugar, Guth struggled to make a success of Pepsi and even offered to sell Pepsi to Coca-Cola, but the Coca-Cola company refused to offer a bid.

However, history was made in 1940 when Pepsi first advertising jingle was broadcasted nationally. The jingle was “Nickel Nickel” an advertisement for Pepsi-cola that referred to the price of Pepsi and the quantity for that price.

“Nickel Nickel” became a hit  and was recorded in 52 languages. In 1964, Diet Pepsi was introduced.

Since then Pepsi has been at odds with its primary competitor and has taken several marketing steps that helped it surpass Coca-Cola in 2005 and even presently Pepsi sells more in the United States and most of North America.

Pepsi also produces concentrates and sends to bottlers and distributors, while in some countries it sets up its own bottling company and distributes independently. It also supplies drinks to its restaurants which are also very popular. Example: KFC.

Pepsi is a strong advocate of recycling and removal of carbon footprints, they have been made popular for their ads which normally feature playful aspects of popular celebrities like Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, Wizkid and most recently Cardi B.

Coca-Cola vs Pepsi: Brand Popularity

It is hard to state which of these brands is the most popular seeing that they both have made their niche in different regions. In places like Europe, Africa and some parts of Asia Coca-Cola dominates the space while places like North America, Australia and most of China, South Asia, etc. Pepsi Cola is the boss.

So let’s judge this in Nigeria. Coca-cola is the most popular brand in Nigeria with Pepsi coming second although recently more low-income Nigerians now consume Pepsi more because it is more economical.

cocacola drink and pepsi drink
One of the Pepsi, Coca Cola fight on social media. I must admit, Coca Cola’s response is legendary…

Coca-Cola vs Pepsi: Product Diversity

Coca-cola has several products both caffeinated and non-caffeinated, the proof is the numerous kinds of Coca-cola drinks you have. Some of which include: Diet Coke, Zero Coke, Coca-cola Vanilla and others that may not be found in Nigeria.

Coca-cola also produces Fanta, Sprite, 5-alive, Eva water and others you’ll find in any superstore.

Pepsi, on the other hand, has its normal caffeinated drink and its diet drink. It also produces; Mountain Dew, 7 Up, Aquafina bottled water and Pepsi Max. This shows Coca-cola has more beverage products than Pepsi

Coca-Cola vs Pepsi: Price

The price of a 60cl coke in Nigeria goes for a ₦150, while the price of a 60CL Pepsi goes for ₦100 and in some parts of Nigeria 50CL is sold at ₦100. So you can say that Pepsi is Cheaper than Coca-cola.


Coca-cola and Pepsi are both great beverages, they were both invented in the same century with Coca-cola being twelve years older than Pepsi but they both have been competing for over a hundred years and it has been a healthy competition.

They both have sponsored several historic events and iconic celebrities but have never sponsored or endorsed the same events or celebrities. I’m sure this will spur you to want to take a taste of both products mentioned today, do that and do it responsibly.

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