Deactivate Facebook (People would be happier without it)

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At least 35% of the world population can be found on Facebook (that is 2.3 billion people) posting, connecting, networking and undeniably causing scandals for the multibillion-dollar company.

The social media giant has faced scrutiny from governments all over the world and you would think that they would become unpopular after that but the reverse is the case. They even made a record in their fourth quarter by adding users from North America for the first time in 2018.

Could using Facebook affect our well being?

A whole lot of research has been going on the effect of growing connectivity and the steady availability of information, connections, and gist. The question has been raised on whether the consistent social media rave could be affecting mental, physical and family wellbeing.

A survey was conducted by R&D personnel at New York University and Stanford University and it was found that deactivating Facebook for about a month could affect people’s behavior and mental health; it would make them more acquainted with family life and socializing physically rather than virtually.

Deactivating Facebook means an hour for yourself

Do you know that deactivating Facebook could mean that most Facebook users will have an automatic one hour for themselves to do something more productive? Part of the findings from the survey conducted by R&D personnel at New York University and Stanford University was the glaring fact that upon deactivation of Facebook, users had about an hour every day to themselves.

This would produce a significant amount of happiness and satisfaction in people’s lives.


It has been advised by various psychologist and medical social workers that the time spent on social media should be reduced to help ensure people have time to relate with other people they see around them.

It would also help them connect more with themselves as they would have more time to give life deep thoughts and set goals for themselves.

The downside of deactivating Facebook or any other social media is the loss of information. It is common knowledge that social media keeps the masses informed on trends and news on both global and national scale.

“But then excess is unhealthy”

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