Eero a Mesh Router Company to be Purchased by Amazon

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In a bit to rule your home, Eero a Mesh Router Company is going to be purchased by Amazon…

Eero, a popular mesh router start-up that has brought to motion whole home WiFi that is easy to set up with zero dead zones is going to be purchased by Amazon as it was broadcasted a few days ago.

Amazon Acquires Eero

Amazon Acquires Eero

Amazon and Google Smart Home War

Amazon Alexa vs Google Assistant

Amazon Alexa vs Google Assistant

Amazon probably acquired Eero with the intention to aid customers connect best to smarter home devices but it’s also a proactive defensive hold against smart home initiatives by Google.

Google Assitant has been gaining widespread usage and the company that wins this voice war might end up controlling voice search and hence the next search engine when we finally adapt to voice search.


Evolution of Mesh Routers

With beacons and routers hubs that were identical and could blanket WiFi in a whole crib, Eero topped as one of the first companies to sell in 2016 simple mesh routers.

The same way Amazon did with Ring, it sounds that’s the same thing that would become the fate of Eero- it will remain a separate Company.

Amazon’s Echo Spot was tested the same year the Google WiFi was launched by Google and it worked the same way- Google WiFi was a rivalry mesh router.

What will Amazon do from Eero on out?

The Amazon family will become larger than it was, as the Eero Team would join it and they all will jointly bring Eero- system around the globe reaching more customers than it used to.

Integrating Eero’s mesh WiFi into the popular Amazon’s Echo speakers throughout the house would be the best way Amazon hits the heart of the masses in the right spot.

It isn’t totally out of place ’cause the Alexa-enabled Asus Lyra Voice is a wireless tri-band WiFi router, doubled as a smart speaker and is making mad sales today on Amazon.

The already existing Eero 2nd gen router hubs and beacons might be seen to be pushed by Amazon in the immediate future.


Amazon acquisition of Eero is a clear indication that the company is fully ready to bully Google and retain their place as the grand masters of voice. They could probably take over Search Engine from Google when people get so acquainted with voice search if Google Assistant fails to make headway.

Google really is in trouble if they don’t come up with something that will guarantee their spot as the king of search.

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