Facebook Scales Up (users can’t get enough of it)

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In 2018, the world’s biggest social media platform: Facebook faced numerous scandals it was like a hydra in their sea. They try to cut one scandal and two arise. The most popular scandals they faced were:  Russians posing as Americans and causing people to pit against each other using Facebook.

The Mueller case:

Cambridge analytica, where millions of profiles were compromised during the elections without users consent. Mark was summoned by congress to speak on Facebook’s actions.

Myanmar Muslims scandal:

Facebook was accused of encouraging the systematic killings of Myanmar Muslims.

Facebook Hack:

To conclude, in September 2018, Facebook was hacked and millions of accounts were hacked giving hackers access to user’s 3rd party apps.

Although Facebook has had more than enough problems, it still has #deletefacebook trending, despite that users aren’t just tired, some parts of Europe has pushed to ban and or eradicate Facebook totally but users just can’t get enough and the figures show that Facebook has had a 9% increase in users which makes it have 2.32 users.

It would seem like Mark(CEO) and Sheryl(COO) have ignored the scandals and are ever focused on maintaining the hype for the social media platform. The free social media platform has become somewhat of a necessity for families and even businesses especially small ones.

Facebook also has plans to create an integration structure for other apps like Whatsapp, which will help solidify facebook’s ground. Facebook had a 30% increase in revenue despite the scandals and is sure of having a bullish 2019.

Facebook’s COO Sheryl commented that the increase in Users could also be as a result of duplicate accounts and that the company is drafting measures to optimally curb this.

Mark Zuckerberg has always commented that the tech industry should be scrutinized because the livelihoods of people are highly dependent on them.

Facebook may not be able to curb misinformation, especially those related to politics but they sure cant curb user increase and of course financial increase.

Cheers to the big F.

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