Google vs Apple: The Battle of Innovative Products and Services

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I find it strange that when people want to mention global competition, they often mention Samsung and Apple. I say to myself “I’m not asking for competition in mobile technology, I’m asking for a global scale competition in general”.

You may not know this but Apple’s biggest competition is Alphabet Inc’s;” Google “. While the iPhone’s biggest competition is Samsung.

Google is pulling Apple in mobile tech

In terms of tech software and hardware especially with regards to mobile tech, Google has been pulling Apple and trying to gain dominance over them in the market. One of the things Google has used to trouble Apple is the Android OS if you didn’t know well now you know.

The Android operating system that is on more than 70% of smartphones globally is manufactured by Google. The IOS is a spectacular operating system but it takes time before we get an upgrade or better put Google always overtakes their upgrade and is usually 2 steps ahead of them.

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Apple is a perfectionist

The thing about Apple is that they do not upgrade for commercial purposes, they make amazing promises about their phones and do not budge until they have attained perfection. It’s a Steve Job’s thing, he built the foundation on perfection and his engineers don’t stop until they have yelled Eureka!

Apple’s need to always be perfect may have worked for them some years back but now a lot of tech users don’t really care, even though Google always makes it clear that their products may have glitches they still produce some really nice stuff.

Let’s look at a few products that Google have used to compete with Apple over the Years:

Google Map vs Apple Maps

Google maps are the most widely used globally and recently they have GPRS functions, which is a form of location intelligence that describes where you are going.

Apple maps are quite exceptional but only come with Apple devices. Google’s map availability on any smartphone has made it the most used and most valued locator.

Google Assistant vs Siri

Back in the day, people used Siri to flaunt their iPhone devices and made others feel inferior. Google ended that with its assistant which you can connect with on all devices that are backed up with your cloud account. Siri is still sexy but Google Assistant is more of our type.

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Google Cloud vs iCloud

The fact that you could retain all past information just by backing up on the cloud made me obsessed over Apple products for a long time. Google did one better by ensuring you have access to cloud account through your email, it’s secure and accessible.


Google may have some glitches but they are quickly filling those holes and also ensuring their products are accessible, available and affordable. Apple on the other may need to speed things up and ensure perfection while at it, at the end of the day they don’t keep to their promises.

One brand promises less and delivers more while the other promises more and while at, they fail to keep to their promise although they still deliver more at the end. The world has been made a better place by these two tech giants. You tell me who the conqueror is in the comments if any.

Hi! My name is Ikenna Gabriel Ifenna and I am a professional IT consultant. I have an excellent understanding of how computer works and I love to read, write and research about tech kinds of stuff. I design websites, knows how to use WordPress multisite to create complex web applications and I design e-Commerce websites for businesses. When I am not doing any of these, you can find me riding bicycle with Strava. Want to work together? I would love to hear from you.

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