How to Reduce Mobile Phone Data Usage for Android and IOS.

Smartphones can make life a lot easier for you especially if you are a student that uses it to do assignments or you are a businessman that uses it to chat and send pictures of goods you have in stock to your customers. Over the years, no one can deny the fact that smartphones have been of great help to us, the reason why it keeps on gaining the market.

However, most of us don’t know how to minimize or reduce the data consumption rate on these devices. No matter how buoyant you are, I don’t think you would prefer to burn your data just for nothing while you can take a few steps to minimize your mobile phone data consumption rate.

If you are really interested in learning how to reduce mobile phone data usage on any Smartphone, be it Android or IOS devices, this post will be of help to you. When you are done reading the post, you can ask me any question by leaving a reply. Share this with your friends who are using smartphones to save them from burning their data bundles for nothing sake.

 I know that service providers will not be happy with this post; they will rather have you waste your bundles so that you can get another one and make them richer. Fortunately, I am not going to allow them to take advantage of you. So these are the work out for preserving your data.

Turn off your data whenever you are not using it. You may think that this doesn’t make sense but service providers also deplete your data bundles even while you are not using it.  I always install a lot of apps that help me study in school. The good news is that most of these apps work without internet connection, so whenever I am reading notes on the app, I simply turn off my data.

 When I need to download another app, then I turn on my data bundle and browse again. I think it is the right thing to do and it has been working for me. Service providers like MTN, Airtel, Glo etc. do not charge only when you go online. Do you want to know why?

Turn off Background Apps.

The main reason why your data is being consumed at a faster rate is due to apps running in the background. When there is an internet connection and these apps are running in the background, your data bundle won’t be spared.

Your Android phone may be set to ‘Sync’ which in full, means ‘Synchronize.’ You should stop your phone from Synchronizing when there is an internet connection.  If you are using an Android phone, this is how to stop services from synchronizing.

 On your Android device, tap your menu launcher button and navigate to settings. Under accounts, you will see some services that auto sync with data every time. Some of these services could include Gmail, Skype, BBM, Whatsapp, Twitter, Yahoo and other apps you must have installed that synchronizes with data anytime there is an internet connection.

 Tap on any of these services or preferably, do the same for all services, tap on the sync symbol, and uncheck. You should get a notification that Sync is off.

Disable Google Play App store Auto Update.

If you have apps installed from Google Play app store that automatically updates to a newer version whenever it is released, it will consume your data way too much especially if the app comes in large megabytes.

It will be better if you disable the auto-update of apps and update them yourself when you are connected to wireless. To disable Google play app store automatic updates, launch the Google play app store, navigate to settings, and tap on auto-update apps. Select, “Do not update apps”. This will fix the auto update problem for you. 

Block Ads on your Smart Phones.

Advertisement powers the web; I really believe that, but what about irrelevant and annoying ads that consume your data? When you download apps from Google Play, most of them come with ads. Obviously, you will not be having those apps for free if not for those advertisements.

But truth be told, they contribute on the reason why your data burns faster. This is what you should do. When you download apps from Google Play, check if the app is working without an internet connection. If you can use the app without an internet connection, then turn on Airplane mode or better still turn off your data plan.

You can also look for an ad-free version of those apps or download ads blocker apps that will help you keep an advertisement on check on your mobile phones.

What do you think about this post? Do you know other clever ways to reduce mobile phone data usage for Android and IOS? Please leave a comment.

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