How To Use Cash Token as an Individual

Cash Token is awesome. And it is not only meant for businesses and government body. You can use it as an individual. If you are wondering what Cash Token is all about, I will explain it to you in simple terms.

It is an electronic reward commodity designed to connect every patronage, gift or tax paid by every Nigerian to life-changing opportunities.

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As an Individual, you can buy Cashtokens to celebrate your friends and loved ones on their special occasions. You can also redeem loyalty points gifted you by service providers.

Each Gifted CashToken Qualifies you, the owner for up to ₦100 million wins and cash usable only for insurance (Partnership with UIC Innovations Limited).

So as an individual using the cash token, you can use it for the following:

  • Redeem Loyalty Points
  • Celebrate Friends
  • Gift Special Bundles

How do you get a cash token?

  • By buying cash token from their official website. Remember, you must create a cash token account in order to buy and manage your cash tokens.
  • By Merchant’s gifts. You buy things from merchants that support cash token and they reward you with cash token for patronizing their business. Remember, merchants, decide how many cash tokens to give you per the amount you spent in their shop.

Benefits of cash token to you as an individual.

  • Each Gifted Cash Token Qualifies you, the owner for up to N100m win and cash usable only for insurance (Partnership with UIC Innovations Limited).
  • Patronize businesses that offer Cash Tokens as a reward and earn cash tokens for free which you can use for the cash token raffle draw. It will change your life!
  • If the business isn’t yet offering cash tokens, refer them to Cash Token official website.

Benefits of Cash Tokens to Customers / Individuals



Cash Token can be used by Businesses, Governments and also Individuals. If you have any challenges using Cash Token, please share in the comments.

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