Huawei vs Honor (Did Sister OutGrow Big Brother?)

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Huawei is the world’s second largest manufacturer of smartphones. They had the guts to push Apple out of that position and give them their former seat as third.

Huawei has a 15.8% market share, leaving Samsung with 20.9% which is the lion share and the first on the largest phone manufacturer ranking.

Huawei brief history and strategy

Huawei was set up in 1987 by Ren Zhengfei, it focused on manufacturing phone switches and telecommunications networks, and it has expanded further to manufacturing smartphones and allied technologies. Huawei is one company that invests in research and development and more than 48% of their 180,000 employees work in R&D.

You could call research the core of the brand. For some other their core is marketing. In 2018, it was named the 68th most valuable brand in best Global brands 2018.

Huawei has also been instrumental in the production of the chipsets needed for phones and also the two latest generations of networks; LTE and 5G. In 2009, Huawei launched its first Android smartphones in cooperation with T-mobile.

Huawei has a sister; her name is Honor, the fascinating thing about her is that she has stayed pretty and it looks like she might just displace big brother.

Let’s meet Honor!

In 2013, Ren Zhengfei the Huawei boss launched Honor as sister brand or rather a sub-brand under Huawei. The sister brand is more focused on smartphones, tablets, computers and wearable mobile tech.

Over time, it looks like Honor has been seeking to topple big brother Huawei in the Smartphone market space. But the big question is: why did Huawei release Honor?

What exactly was the need for a self-created competitor? Could it be because they wanted to penetrate the US market that has been a headache for Huawei or could it be that they wanted to possess the market with two giants?

The reason isn’t clear, as consumers we can only select the product with the best price and best features.

Huawei vs Honor: Pricing

Most of the flagship phones for Honor that was launched in the last quarter of 2018 are relatively cheaper than Huawei’s fourth quarter flagship phones. For instance; the Honor View 20 goes for about 570 euro, it was launched in December 2018. The Huawei Mate 20 goes for about 607 euro.

Although the Huawei Y7 was produced in December 2018, it goes for as low as 407 euro. Guess we can’t judge the price until we see the specs.

Huawei vs Huawei: Consumer Demand

In this case, Huawei is still dominant being the major distributor in China, India and some parts of East Asia, Honor, on the other hand, is gaining ground in Europe and some parts in Africa but that is all Honor can do for now; Gain ground.

The big brother plans to launch Honor in the United States and other unreached countries early this year.

Huawei vs Honor: Customer Satisfaction

Huawei has had quite a lot of complaints and scandals in the past year especially by the United States and Canada; all because the US was suspicious that the Chinese government was using Huawei phones to get information from US citizens. A top Huawei official was arrested in Canada from a request by the US.

Honor, for now, has been wholeheartedly accepted by most of the countries it has been sent to especially European countries, it’s been said that 1 million pieces of the Honor View 20 were purchased on the first day of launch. Let’s just hope little sis fares better with Big Brother.


Huawei makes very good phones, that are very affordable but the reason for the release for Honor still puzzles us. But we do know they have their eyes on the grand prize. This is toppling Samsung and heading to the top as the world’s number one in the Smartphone market and they are very well closing-in on that mark.

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