IBM Releases Prototype of Quantum Computer.

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The world awaits a whole lot of advancements but with great advancements also comes a great cost. We are not treating the cost of advancement today but we’ll look at the good side. The quantum computer is one piece of tech that still beats imagination, it introduces a whole new generation of computers and it looks nothing like the classic ones.

IBM Quantum Computer

IBM recently displayed a prototype of its new Quantum computer, it looked something like a chandelier for me with jewels and lights and its CPU looks like a large glass cube that is able to process all the information in the world, literally it’s ready to compute any and every data input.

Using that kind of computer for just typing would be a horrible waste when it can calculate weather forecast, stock projections, environmental variability, programmed projections from data input and other interesting features.

International Business Machine which is one of the biggest manufacturers of business computers has not been playing around, they want to take the business computing space to another level and gain market dominance once again. You might want to ask yourself what aspect of business needs a quantum computer.

Stock Exchanges, FOREX, Commodity market, cryptocurrency, and many others.

How do quantum computers work:

Up until now, classic computers derived commands from binary code, which is just 0s and 1s, the quantum computer uses qubits which is a combination of 0s and 1s. Its better explained like this; classical computer function on either 0 or 1. Qubits function on both 0 and 1.

With a 100 bits( 0s or 1s) a classical computer cannot do so much but with a 100 qubits, a quantum computer will process all the information that every super-computer in the world will process.


Governments like the US and private firms like Google, Microsoft and IBM  are continuously investing in the cold computer and they are also assessing the risk attached to producing the machine.

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