KFC vs Dominos Pizza (The Fast Food Giants Best Compared)

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In Nigeria, the best thing we might have had as fast foods was an Indomie vendor in a fancy Kiosk or bread and scrambled eggs from a guy around the corner. Up until 2009 till present day we have seen an influx of global fast food brands come into Nigeria and they have expanded even faster than banks.

The only global fast-food brand that probably has a low presence is McDonald’s which is no 1 in the global fast food industry. Well someone should let them know Nigerians will welcome them with open arms.

KFC history and what you should know about the brand

KFC which is an abbreviation of Kentucky Fried Chicken is a restaurant business started by Harland Sanders in 1930. They started out by giving franchises to other restaurants, and in the sixties, KFC was the biggest restaurant with more than 600 restaurants in the United States.

KFC is now owned by PepsiCo restaurant subsidiary; Yum! It is now the world’s second-largest food chain in terms of sales. It specializes in deep fried chicken which is packaged in a cardboard bucket called the bucket meal. Sanders is the face of KFC and his secret recipe is what makes KFC what it is. In order to further industrialize he created his very own deep chicken fryer which is still in use today.

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Picture of KFC Bucket Meal, Image credit: kfc.co.za

Dominos pizza, on the other hand, is a pizza restaurant founded in 1960 and is one of the largest pizza restaurants in the world according to sales. It was founded by the Monaghan brothers, they both owned it equally until Jim Monaghan traded his share for a pick-up truck.

What you should know about Dominos

Dominos specializes in food delivery, fast food, and franchising. Its logo represents the first three stores the fast food mogul had in the sixties. There is no known special recipe for the pizza, but the toppings are indeed special.

In Nigeria today, KFC and Dominos have become one of the most utilized fast food restaurants and its because they both add style, quality and give affordable prices for their products, although low-income earners in Nigeria are unable to use their services.

KFC vs Dominos Pizza: Style

KFC has adopted the face of its founder as its logo and that has worked well for them over the years especially in the United States where Sanders is a Kentucky Colonel.

They might be using an old man as the image of their logo but all their restaurants are made in style, with a combo of red and white all over the outfit in all Nations around the world.

KFC keeps it simple and their seating arrangement design is one that accommodates a family. Well, you don’t expect one person to eat up a bucket meal.

Dominos, on the other hand, has a more modern and colorful style, that attracts millennial and youths more than it does families. They are also a good spot for couples to treat each other, with chair pairing arrangements and the single bar chair pattern.

Dominos you could stay is for the Romeos and Juliets that want to get into it.

KFC vs Dominos Pizza: Price

Both brands have workable prices for both middle and high-income earners for Nigerians. Although Domino’s right now offers the lowest prices for Pizzas, KFC on the other has higher prices than Chicken republic but let’s not forget they offer really good chicken so the prices are actually worth it.


We hope this article arouses an appetite for chicken and pizza in you. If you are thinking to have good chicken for the family then you should go get a bucket meal from Kentucky Fried Chicken and if you want to treat boo simply head to Dominos and share a pizza.

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