List of Best Phablets Smartphones (The Big Screen Smartphones)

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Phablets smartphones are phones with bigger batteries translating to longer battery life serving to the uttermost when it comes to watching movies with HD quality. They are super gaming monsters. Loads of benefits come with big-screen phones.

Phones that measure display of 6 inches or more are expanding in the number. On the scale of 0-10, phablets are ranked 9.5 ’cause they are cool toppers. Well, we have enlisted phones that sport flawlessly the screen display of 6-inches.

Google Pixel 3 XL (6.3 inches)

Google Pixel 3 XL

Picture of Google Pixel 3 XL

The slew of amazing flagships that has been launched and seen ranging from Galaxy Note 9 by Samsung, iPhone XS MAX by Apple, Google’s 6.3 inches Pixel 3 XL is storming to kick their butts off- Eww!

The Top Shot feature helps this flagship to decipher a great selfie from a not-so-clean selfie. Most devices do not have many of the tricks Google sports in their devices, machine learning helped them get these accolades. New Pixel Stand Wireless Charger, this phone immediately transforms into a makeshift Google Crib.

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The Pixel 3 XL has the Night Sight feature and makes great use of the Artificial Intelligence to heighten digital zoom, making this flagship take gorgeous pictures in the dark. Using the Google Assistant, this phone screen calls for you.


Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (6.4 inches)

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Picture of Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The Galaxy Note 9, which is the latest phablet by Samsung stars the trending Snapdragon system-on-chip. The manufacturers didn’t relent they went forward to put in 12MP cameras from Galaxy S9+. There’s this feeling when a phablet has brilliant battery capacity, the Note 9 has a 4,000mAh battery.

To be fair, Note 9 is a relative reactionary upgrade compared to the Note 8 packed with it is the S Pen new tricks. AI is also used on the Note 9 like it is on the Pixel 3 XL for enhancing photos. Having a water-carbon cooling system, it keeps the phone going during strenuous tasks.

Note 9 is the best in stock when it comes to clean versatile productivity and a stylus-toting tool.


iPhone XS Max (6.5 inches)

iPhone XS Max

Picture of iPhone XS Max (6.5 inches)

Now when you make a list of big league phone manufacturers, Apple won’t be left out. They never cease to amaze, thrill and give us the best. Making a flagship with a ginormous 6.5 inches OLED display and fitting it into a design similar to the 5.5-inch iPhone 8 Plus.

This resulted into a flagship with an impressive viewing experience ever. The A12 Bionic chip makes this device the fastest phablet. It’s got an improved front and back camera and a reinvigorated depth control mode for portraits. The battery life can last as long as 11hours of steady use if fully charged.


OnePlus 6T (6.4 inches)

OnePlus 6T

Picture of OnePlus 6T (6.4 inches)

OnePlus 6T is one of the biggest big-screen Smartphone ’cause it’s got a 6.4-inches AMOLED display. It’s got a 128GB internal storage with the ever powerful Snapdragon 845 chipset, and a smashing 6GB RAM. Sporting an on-screen fingerprint sensor and a redesigned notch to make the display less conspicuous.

You wouldn’t have to spend a fortune to get this flagship either. OnePlus kept its reputation for value intact with the 6T.


iPhone XR (6.1 inches)

iPhone XR

Picture of iPhone XR

The features most people love in the iPhine XS and XS MAX is packed in the iPhone XR, but this flagship isn’t too large. It uses a single-lens camera for the rear, ditching the 3D Touch and with bezels that are thicker. It doesn’t make do with the stainless steel of the more expensive model, it uses an aluminum frame.

It isn’t too expensive for the features it sports. The iPhone XR has Apple’s new facial authentication method that was launched on the iPhone X. It sports the A12 Bionic processor too!


Samsung Galaxy S9+ (6.2 inches)

Samsung Galaxy S9+

Picture of Samsung Galaxy S9+

The S9+ has a screen that is 0.4-inches bigger than it’s predecessor- the standard S9, plus an added 2GB of RAM, and a second rear lens that helps shallow depth-of-field portraits.

You need your Samsung to have a larger screen and speed up with better performance, here’s the top-notch Galaxy S9+ with a 6.2-inches screen for you.

All S9′ has bagged a battery capacity that could perform any task flung at it through day-to-day activities and OLED panel in the body that is simply fantastic and makes a lot of sense.


Razer Phone 2 (5.7 inches)

Razer Phone 2

Picture of Razer Phone 2

The Razer Phone 2 has got a wider aspect ratio over the recent flagships- when it is held in portrait orientation, ’cause it’s got a 16:9 panel even though it may only have a 5.7-inch display. Super thick bezels and gigantic speaker grilles facing the front.

It bags a Snapdragon 845 processor, a ginormous 4,000mAh battery with a wireless charger and 8GB RAM. All Razer devices have full support for the company’s Chroma RGB lighting System and this flagship isn’t exempted. It got to be on this list ’cause it has a buttery-smooth and succulent 120Hz screen.



We’ve made a smart list of phablets- big batteries, smart screen size, great chipsets as we have established. So make a wise choice, these phones would give you the maximum best of best!

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