MTN vs Glo (Who really rules the Telecom World)

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Today’s battle is between the fathers and the grand masters of telecom in Nigeria. MTN Nigeria’s foremost telecom company, they came, saw, conquered and are still conquering, maintain class and quality in both voice and data services.

MTN has a bunch of tariff plans that cut across different communication needs. They are not just striving on goodwill but on expertise and they have kept their promise of being there “everywhere you go”.

Glo on the other hand always urges its subscribers to “rule your world”, they are have taken their own advice and have become monarchs in the telecom domain, they have plans that may sometimes seem too good to be true.

No telecom network in Nigeria currently gives the kind of bonus Glo gives on voice and data. The Glo yakata and the Glo Oga sim are by far the biggest plans that give you more than 100% bonus on both voice and data.

So sit back or stay firm if you are not sitting, we are judging today based on Start pack, Network Coverage, Voice and Data bonus plans, and customer service. Let’s see which king gives the KO.

MTN vs Glo : Start Plan

MTN has the Yanfun Yanfun plan for its new subscribers, it offers you 700 on all recharge and it lasts for the first 3 months.

Recently Glo launched the Oga sim which is activated on getting a new Glo sim which gives 250% airtime bonus and 125% on data for every recharge so say you recharge N200 you get N700 and if you buy 200MB data you get an extra250MB.

See what I said about being nearly too good to be true the only thing is that it is true. I don’t mean to be the Judge but it’s quite obvious that Glo rules.

MTN vs Glo : Voice Plans and Data Extra

MTN has its iPulse package that offers 12k/s on your first 50s of calls made every day and afterward you call at 11k/s for local calls only. Glo has the 11k/s package,  It also allows you to make international calls at 15k/s, the plan fee is  N5 daily.

Both networks have great data, on MTN you can enjoy Night browsing of 500MB at N25 from 12:00am-4: 00 am. Glo on the other has a data refuel system. Whereby you can renew existing data at N200 for 300MB and 1,000 for 1.5GB, lets not also forget that Glo is the only network with the Campus booster package.

I can’t quite place my hands on who weighs the scale on this one but I’ll leave you to decide.

MTN vs Glo : Network Coverage

Network coverage in this category is with respect to both voice and call, you should note that every network provider suffers from this limitation even those that promise to be there “everywhere you go”.

The question is how bad the network is?

MTN has its hot areas and it also has its SOS areas where sometimes the network goes completely AWOL, in some rural and remote areas MTN might be only good for calls and completely useless for data connection.

Glo according to a complaint thread on twitter is nothing to write home about. Does that mean you can’t send a mail which takes what; 15KBs? The complaint revealed that Glo does not function in certain parts of urban areas and in some rural areas is useless for both voice and data.

For obvious reasons, MTN takes the win.

MTN vs Glo : Customer Service

Have you ever felt you are not being attended to by MTN because of their customers and not enough customer care agents to take care of things for them? You aren’t pondering alone Same goes for Glo.

Although I observed that Glo has taken time to develop self-service and management options across all plans and areas, they have also come up with good FAQs on their website that shows they are paying attention and prepared for customer complaints.

GLO is the best option if you want customer service across diverse channels.


Both networks we have discussed have their pros and cons but imagine if Glo had conquered the problem of network coverage difficulty, would there still be a contest between them.

What do you want to do? Tell us in the comments.
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