Oppo vs Vivo (Chinese Consumer Electronics Giants)

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Today, we have decided to head back to China particularly Dongguan, Guangdong, China to search for direct competition in that region and you won’t believe what we found; Vivo and Oppo. They have quite the alliteration when you pronounce, don’t they?

These two brands are involved in consumer electronics and they stuck their noses into a Chinese company with already enough competition and now they both have become names to watch out in Smartphone which is the aspect of their brands we’ll be looking into.

Oppo history and facts about the brand

Oppo has existed since 2001 and its phones are globally distributed, at a time it was set by Chen Mingyong in Dongguan, China. Its parent company is BBK Electronics. Oppo is a household name in China, India and most countries in East Asia. At a time it was the most used in China.

Oppo is one of the few companies in Asia that prioritizes using celebrities on its ads to push the brand. Asia is its strong suit. It has also sponsored and endorsed several events and celebrities.

Some of its most popular phone series is the Oppo F series

Vivo, on the other hand, was set up in 2009 and it is also owned by Oppo’s parent company; BBK electronics. It was founded by Shen Wei in Dongguan, Guangdong, China. It does not just make phone hardware, it also makes software and has an operating system called Fun touch OS.

Getting acquainted with Vivo brand.

Vivo has also run off leaving all other starting brands it shot off with and is headed for the top. It is currently amongst the top 10 brands in the world but it has not overthrown Oppo. Vivo as a firm prioritizes on “Research and Development” and it is also big on brand promotion.

Vivo endorses and sponsors NBA and Stephen Curry, Marvel Studios and it showed on Captain America; Civil War. Vivo was the first phone to release a Dual Display OLED screen in 2019 and according to comments all over, this year might be the Archimedes moment for the tech manufacturer.

Oppo vs Vivo: Brand popularity

Oppo has proven to be a more popular brand than Vivo although many may argue that it is because the former was launched before the latter. Despite their launch dates, they both have their strong areas. Oppo is of very high demand in China and at a time was king in India, but Vivo overtook Oppo in India. It is attributable to several events Vivo sponsors in India and also because of the scandal Oppo faced in India.

According to an online survey and phone specification analysis, it is said that Oppo phones have a more appealing design than Vivo. The Release of the Vivo NEX Dual Display phone proves that the research the company invests so much it is now paying off and word has it that, this might be the launch that will put Vivo on the map. Oppo is not sleeping on a bike but they need to stay woke to beat Vivo’s design.

Vivo also has a cheaper price for its flagship phones; take for example its Dual Display cost about ₦270, 000 while the Oppo R15 Pro costs more than ₦300, 000.


It doesn’t matter much which of these brands dominates the other, the parent company BBK electronics will still enjoy the profits. But they have wisely placed both brands under different management, which is why we have such amazing competition among them.

Please share your views about these brands comparison in the comment, we will love to learn from you.

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