Simple C Program that will Reverse Digits of any Number

C is a procedural language. It was designed to be compiled using a relatively straightforward compiler, to provide low-level access to memory, to provide language constructs that map efficiently to machine instructions, and to require minimal run-time support.

C was therefore useful for many applications that had formerly been coded in assembly language, such as in system programming. If you are a programmer, or if you are interested in becoming a programmer, there are a couple of benefits you gain from learning C:

  • You will be able to read and write code for a large number of platforms — everything from microcontrollers to the most advanced scientific systems can be written in C, and many modern operating systems are written in C.
  •     The jump to the object-oriented C++ language becomes much easier. C++ is an extension of C, and it is nearly impossible to learn C++ without learning C first.

In this post, I am going to write a program that reverses a number or digits Using  C, a very basic and commonly asked question in interviews and exams.

//Source Code:
int main ()
    int number, rev;
 printf("--- Simple C Program that will Reverse Digits of any Number ---\n\n");
    printf("Enter any number \n");
                        rev = number % 10;
                        printf ("%d", rev);
                        number = number / 10;
    while (number != 0);
    return 0;

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