Sony vs LG: Which is the Best in Consumer Electronics

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Consumer electronics and our way of life

Consumer electronics are a major aspect of our livelihoods and today we want to look at two brands that have contributed massively years back and even presently; I’m very sure you’d find an LG product or a Sony product in any home, it could be the television or the children’s play station or the DVD or the family’s digital camera. Speaking of digital cameras, you can check out our brand comparison post on Nikon and Canon, the two DSLR camera giants. The remarkable thing about these two brands is the affordability and quality of their products. I remember the LG television my mum bought is still in her room and that has been around for over 7 years and my PS2 that was bought when I was still a teenager still works, the only problem is: I would not want to play a PS2 when Sony has given us PS4.

Brief History of Sony Corporation

Sony smart tv
Sony Smart TV, Image credits:
Sony is a Japanese conglomerate, which means it has diverse arms of business. Sony was founded in1946 by Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita. It started out by manufacturing consumer electronics and has now expanded to owning a music promotion company and even a financial institution in Japan. Sony as a name was derived from two concepts:
  1. The Latin word; Sonus which means sound.
  2. The American slang “sonny” which depicts a smart and lively boy.
I have to say the name has caught the ears of many customers and their products have also caught our eyes. Sony had a tough time in the seventies and nineties and was incurring losses; this made them hire a new CEO, an American CEO which was very rare for a Japanese country. The company flourished by the American muscle they hired and resulted in them establishing Sony Music and Sony Pictures and it was in that time that Sony created the Play Station.

Brief History of LG

LG Smart TV
LG Smart TV. Image credit:
LG which stands for Life’s Good is a South Korean electronics brand that was established in 1958 sometime after the Korean War. They have been instrumental in manufacturing televisions and they are currently the second largest manufacturers of televisions in terms of revenue. LG was, in fact, the founder of a cartel of television manufacturing companies in Europe. LG has also ventured into mobile communication technology: they produce phones, tablet, smart watches, computers, etc. LG is the first company to manufacture the Rolly foldable Bluetooth keyboards. LG has also been instrumental in funding the 5G network initiative.
Rolly foldable Bluetooth keyboards
Rolly foldable Bluetooth keyboards. Image Credits:
I believe we are quite acquainted with the brief history of the brands, so let’s compare the two brands.

Sony vs LG: Product Diversity

Sony is a conglomerate which means they have multiple business and different categories under those business but we are concerned with the consumer electronics arm. Sony manufactures audio, televisions, video game consoles, DVD Players, digital cameras, smartphones, computers, satellite components, and communication technology. LG produces audio electronics, televisions, DVD players, computers and computer accessories, smart wears, smartphones, smart home appliances, and digital cameras. LG has other arms of businesses but as stated before we will only concentrate on electronics for both brands. LG does not produce any video game or satellite components but their smart wears stand-in for those gaps.

 Sony vs LG: Brand Popularity

Sony produces several products and is the Dominus in the videogame console market, with its PlayStation being the best of all time. It’s also the third biggest manufacturer of televisions and is best known for the X1 extreme processor found in its TVs. LG, on the other hand, comes out on all top ten rating for consumer electronics. LG is currently the sixth largest manufacturer and distributor of smartphones; it is the second highest manufacturer of televisions. In the Fortune Global 500 2017 List, Sony came out as 29th while LG came out as 53rd. I guess that tells us who is more popular.

Sony vs LG: Price

For this part, we’ll be looking at the prices of their televisions For Sony: 43-Inch Android TV costs ₦298,500 49 Inches TV costs ₦339,150 For LG: 43 Inches Smart TV costs ₦180,000 49 Inches TV costs ₦250, 000 Let’s look at their phones: The Sony Experia XZ3 was released in August 2018 and costs about 700 euro whilst the LG Q9 which was announced in January but is yet to be launched will cost about 450 euro. They have similar specs.


When we talk about consumer electronics, a lot of brands come to mind. But Sony and LG are the best in consumer electronics and they continue to impact our lives by releasing awesome and durable products. They are both very diverse although it seems Sony has gone farther, Sony is also more popular than LG, and more expensive. They both have no international scandals; in fact, LG is well known for keeping to its warranty agreements. What do you think about this post? Do you think there are other brands that produce better consumer electronics products? Please share your opinions in the comment, let’s discuss.

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