Spotify Deepens It’s SPOT in the Market

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Spotify music platform is the leading streaming platform in the world, its major competitors are Apple, Netflix, Amazon, etc. It is also very famous for its podcasts services, it recently acquired two podcast companies; Gimlet Media and Anchor.

Spotify move against Apple music

Analysts say the move was made to prep the streaming giant for when 20% of non-music being streamed on the platform. It acquired the two companies to beef upsurge and demand for its platform. It also seeks to overtake Apple Music which has been making moves to take its title as no 1 in the market.

Spotify Mighty Vibe music player

Spotify also recently launched its mighty vibe music player. The MP is much like the extinct Apple iPod Shuffle. The music player is small and has an integrated clip that stores downloaded Spotify playlists and podcasts. The bottom line is that to use the New MP you have to be a Spotify premium subscriber.

spotify music platform

Spotify might vibe Player


Spotify has made enough headlines for the week. Let’s hope their new moves will move them up in the market.

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