The Advent of 5G: The Latest Generation of Cellular Mobile Communications

One of the things that have wowed the world is the advent of the internet and one other thing that has derived demand from the internet is connectivity/connection speed, we have had 2G, 3G, and 4G networks but the needs of man are insatiable. Innovation has given us 5G: Today we simply want to preach the gospel of 5G. Here’s a hint; imagine downloading a HD movie in 5+ seconds, yes in less than 10 seconds.


5G is the latest generation of cellular mobile communications. It succeeds the 4G (LTE/WiMax), 3G (UMTS) and 2G (GSM) systems.

5G performance targets high data rate, reduced latency, energy saving, cost reduction, higher system capacity, and massive device connectivity. The first phase of 5G specifications in Release will be completed by April 2019 to accommodate the early commercial deployment.

The second phase in Release-16 is due to be completed by April 2020 for submission to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) as a candidate of IMT-2020 technology.

Apart from being able to download an average of 495GigaBits/Second. There are other interesting parts of the new network that would blow your mind.

One of the problems networks face is latency: Which is the delay that is encountered when messages are received, the 5G network promises to significantly reduce latency and support for broader interconnections especially for gamers, and those who embark on conference calls, it also will support more devices and Qualcomm has assured us of ease of access to the networks.

We can also be sure it will go to a whole lot of network providers. The 5G network will also promote new tech that has had communication problems. For example Driverless Cars, VR Drones, Facial Recognition Tech, and robot technology.

A whole lot of tech brands have promised to produce gadgets with 5G in 2019: Let’s take a look at some them, so you can hoard cash for when they come:

Apple: We should expect a 5G phone from Apple in Late 2019 or mid-2020. You never know but they might want to work with 5G Release-16 which comes out in 2020. So lets not rest our Hope on the iPhone.

Samsung: The biggest manufacturer of phones has promised it will release the S10 in 2019 and we should all expect it to come with the 5G network.


Like a few other manufacturers, there has been no word on when Nokia handsets will support 5G. However, Nokia has been very active in helping to build up 5G infrastructure and is involved with the city of Tokyo to provide 5G networks in time for the 2020 Olympics.

In July 2018, T-Mobile also announced it was working with Nokia to help build a U.S. 5G network. It could also make $3.50 for every single 5G phone released, thanks to its work on the standard.


While Honor will likely be working closely with sister company Huawei, that hasn’t halted its ambition to pip its bigger sibling to the post in launching a phone with 5G support. Honor has announced its intention to be the first phone company to release a full 5G phone — which it intends to do in early 2019.


Rumor has it that LG is one of the partners of Qualcomm for developing the 5G network, nothing goes for nothing so we should expect that LG to join the 5G network train.



Google has also been very supportive in developing the 5G network although it has been said they are independently developing research institutes and funding labs for the network. We should anticipate the Pixel 4 to be 5G supported.



The race for the Fifth Generation is fierce and steady, we know the alpha of the smartphone market will probably be the one that can give us the 5G network, so keep your hands folded and some money in the bank, 5G will be here soon.

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