TLC Plans to Release a Phone that can Fold into a Watch

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For the past 5-10 years, we have found transitionary upgrades in mobile tech and research proved that between 2013 and 2015, people changed their phones at least twice every year.

In 2017, people held longer to their phones as they no longer had mind-blowing upgrades that spurred them to buy these new phones; in other words, people are looking for new exciting upgrades in mobile tech and many tech manufacturers have promised to shout Eureka this year.

TLC Foldable phones

TLC Foldable Rendering, Image credit: Reddit

The rise of foldable smartphones

Vivo released its Nex Dual Display phone which many individuals are yearning for globally, now we have been promised the foldable phone, which has been manufactured but has not been issued commercially.

TCL which is a Chinese company and America’s leading television manufacturer has started working on foldable phones and tablets. Before going into details about TCL’s new prospects, let’s explain foldable phones.

Foldable phones are phones which have a flexible display, it comprises of electronic visual technology that makes the screens of consumer electronics flexible rather than just flat, it requires numerous materials, one of the most important of this materials is the Organic Thin Film Transistor Technology.

The flexible screen technology has been developed since the 1970s but many companies have only recently found the need to commercially distribute the tech.

TCL foldable smartphones

TCL is working on a flexible display phone that can be folded and worn as a watch, it is also working on tablets that are foldable inside and outside.

At CES the royole flexpai was exhibited as a foldable phone. TCL now seeks to venture into trendy and flashy phones. They produced smaller phone accompaniments to big phones and through Blackberry they plan to release ultra-slim mobile phones.


It is believed the Samsung Galaxy X will be a foldable phone, Samsung being the largest phone manufacturer will solidify their stake in the market if they are able to pull it off.

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