Trump VS Bezos: Speculative Feud?

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The last time, Bezos was mentioned we focused on a divorce that was about to occur from Jeff and Mackenzie and how it might turn Amazon upside down. Fresh on the media is Jeff’s latest feud with the National Enquirer in the United States. After the divorce announcement, tabloids and all form of gossip media have made it their primary call to expose Bezos’ extramarital affair.

The latest is Bezos coming out to reveal a blackmail plot by the National Enquirer, which is closely tied to Donald Trump. The paper was threatening to reveal clandestine pictures of Jeff. They made the threat because they found out about an investigation he was making about the paper.

The National Enquirer was the first to report that Jeff was having an affair with Lauren Sanchez, actor and Helicopter Pilot, they also released some intimate texts that Jeff sent to Lauren and Jeff attested to being the one who sent those texts.

The reason why it is believed that there is a feud is because of Jeff’s publication; The Washington post exposed Trump’s affair with an ex-playboy model, Trump tried to cover it up by paying off the Model.

Now Trump’s own National Enquirer exposes Jeff’s affair.

You can’t possibly call that a coincidence?

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