Uber vs Taxify (Transport Networking Companies Best Compared)

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There have been rumors that Taxify is a sister brand of Uber in Nigeria. That they were both created as artificial competition. Trust me the competition is real and authentic. They are as different as black and white.

Regardless, they have both made life easier for Nigerians and Africans at Large.

Although they exist in other countries and continents they are direct competition in Nigeria. Some people prefer one over the other because it’s more popular therefore more trustworthy; others pick one over the other because the price seems lower.

I’d like to show you what sets these two apart from each other and although you might be expecting me to mention the best. I won’t; that’s a decision you should make by yourself.

Besides, they both have their cool sides and their downsides but before we move on to the nitty gritty let’s take a little history class in both brands.

Uber history and timeline

Uber is a peer to peer ride sharing, taxi-hailing, and general transport networking company that was founded by Travis Kalanick and Garret Camp in 2009. It was first founded as UberCab but deviated from the name in 2011.

Uber X

Uber X is its most popular service which enables peer-peer ride sharing between those who have cars and are willing to offer Taxi services and those who require rides (riders).

There is a pricing system that projects the minimum-maximum price for the rider before taking the ride. With UberX up to four riders can be in a car.

Uber requires cars and drivers to have special features. In Nigeria for example only Automatic cars that start from 2002 can be signed up for Uber, drivers must also have some form of identification and verification to guard against criminals and frauds. Uber can be accessed via its website and mobile app.

It also has different services; Uber Eat, Uber Freight, Uber Black, Uber Chapchap, etc. All Uber services have their own mobile apps.

Taxify history and timeline

Taxify, on the other hand, is also a peer-per general transport network company that connects riders with taxis or private drivers. It was founded in Estonia by Markus Villig in 2013 and is mostly used in Europe and Africa.

Taxify is exceptional because of how easy it makes it for users to access drivers, and it also gives two options of payment; Cash and card.

Taxify also has a subsidiary brand Bolt which is for ordering electric scooters. We will be looking at two metrics today, and we will be analyzing their performance in Africa and that is their ratings and popularity in Africa (Nigeria being the sample population) and their price differentials.

Uber vs Taxify: Ratings and Popularity

Uber has a rating system for both drivers and riders; consistent low rating on the platform could cost both parties their membership. It is actually a very efficient system but users complain that they are King and should not be rated.

In Africa Uber is very popular in Nigeria, South Africa, and most Swahili speaking countries; that’s the major reason we have Uber Chapchap.

Taxify uses a rating system for only its drivers, the drivers after consistently having low ratings will be rendered inactive and have their accounts suspended.

Taxify is present in South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria; any other country where they are present is not known. They are well established in Nigeria where many believe they are now the most used online transport network.

Uber vs Taxify: Pricing

We will be looking at the average prices of both networks in Nigeria.

As a specimen well be looking at the price range of rides in Lagos.

Uber: Initial Fare ₦200,
₦5.5 per minute charge
₦55 per km

Taxify: Minimum Fare is ₦400,
Initial Fare is: ₦300
₦65 per km
₦6 per minute

Well, Uber is cheaper but let’s not forget about Taxify Lite which slashes the prices of Uber by 25% but doesn’t give very great cars.


Uber has a cheaper service and is definitely more popular but why does Taxify give them such a hard time. Taxify is very fond of giving discounts and they have prioritized customer service over everything else.

A personal interview with a Taxify driver: “I prefer Taxify they give us bonuses when due and pay us when they say they will”. Uber has more drivers than Taxify and is still the dominant but for how long?

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